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Poker Staking Manager

Whats makes Poker Staking Manager an Added Value?

- It's a Poker Staking Manager dedicated software like no other on the market that works as an amazing tools for Stakers to get the full expected value from their Stakees;

- It's Web based to allow direct interaction with other softwares;

- Allows multiple types of staking:

a) One staker with various stakees;

b) Various stakers having the same stakee (or diferent percentages);

c) Various stakers sharing – cross booking – various stakees;

- Bankroll management designed so the staker can track its investments;

- Statistical analysis of the stakees (with various variables: ROI, Hourly Rate, Avg Hours, Avg win rate, etc);

- Easy alerts for staker control (with automatic “fun facts" to keep the staker on top of business);

- iOS and Android apps to allow easy access and constant monitoring and reporting;

- Ready for Online and Live Poker (tourneys, sng and cash games);

- Full report system with multiple configuration options to allow email or web or inApp reporting;

- Notification system for stop loss or bankroll percentage achieved;

- Push notifications for important event such as "Last X players" or "Final table from stakee";

- Forum to discuss hands between stakees;

- Map with stakee location and/or online status;

- Multiple level deals depending on stakee and/or profit or losses;



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